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Birch Bark Necklaces and Pendants

Birch bark Pendants and Necklaces - simple and elegant jewerely in Russian style

If you like natural stones and are not indifferent to wood jewerely, our author's pendants and birch bark necklaces will be a perfect addition to your summer, and not only, wardrobe. Pendants are made of birch bark and decorated with natural ornamental and semiprecious stones - turquoise, carnelian, agate, malachite and others. Exquisite, beautifully detailed patterns are made by the method of carving or embossing on birch bark. The surface of the pendants is treated with a special composition to give shine and protection from external influences.

Birch bark - light, almost weightless, but extremely durable material. It is not afraid of water, does not absorb unpleasant odors, is durable, easy to clean and pleasant when worn on the body. Hundreds of natural shades of birch bark and handmade craftsmanship make every birch bark adornment unique and unrepeatable. When manufacturing pendants and necklaces, our masters try to convey the entire natural beauty of birch bark and natural stones - especially for you!

In the online store "Beryosta" you can buy inexpensive women's jewelry handmade. Always available a wide selection of pendants, birch bark necklaces with natural stones - at the best price.