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Birch bark kichen canisters

Russian birch bark kitchen jar (tuesok)

Russian birch bark tuesok - is a unique vessel for the storage of both granular and liquid products, invented a long time ago. Due to bactericidal properties and low heat conductivity of birch bark products are long stored in it, milk doesn't turn sour, salt doesn't dampen, and water remains cool in hot day. Tues was always a faithful companion of the plowman, the reaper, the fisherman, the hunter. Not incidentally tuesok call a thermos - such property of birch bark is caused by her structure. It consists of a set of the thinnest layers which aren't passing air and moisture. Salty mushrooms and cucumbers not only are long stored in a tuesa, but also gain unusual aroma. Contain in the tueski of berry and medicative herbs, salt, sugar, grain, fish and meat, at storage of flour bugs aren't got. Tues is made from the smallest to the volume of three-four buckets.

As a rule, a basis of a tuyes is skoloten, the seamless cylinder of birch bark removed from a tree which determines future form and amount of a tuesok. For storage of loose products in the tuesok the cylinder sewed from reservoir birch bark by castle connection is sometimes used. Matching and acceptances of compound of reservoir birch bark, and also decorative finishing give to a product good quality, durability and beauty.

Various a tuesa – painted, carved and imprinted, big and small – become popular and today. Especially the need for the products of highly artistic level combining beauty of proportions, skillful matching of material on color and the invoice grows.

In "BERYOSTA" online store you can purchase excellent birch bark a tues, made by producers of the city of Tomsk and carefully selected by our employees especially for you. In our catalog – a wide choice of tuesok for storage of tea, salt, sugar, flour, honey and other loose products – at the best price.