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Birch bark bread boxes

Russian birch bark bread boxes

In our time of high technologies and the almost universal mechanization of production processes, manual labor is especially valuable. Hand-crafted craftsman keep things special heat, carry a positive energy, and that is why the popularity of author's products from the birch bark grows throughout the world.

Our bread boxes are made by the real masters of their craft: graceful carved, embossed with beautifully worked drawings, natural "clean" (without a picture), with ordinary and hinged covers, velvety-golden light and elegant dark. Like all products made of birch bark, bread biscuits do not rot, do not get wet, retain their properties for many years, and they revitalize the air in the house and improve the vitality of its inhabitants. It is not for nothing that such breadbills are a favorite item of kitchen utensils for many housewives. The birch bark chest is an excellent original gift for a wooden wedding.

Birch bark is an environmentally friendly material, as well as a wonderful natural antiseptic, therefore molds or fungus will never appear in the birch bark. Birch bark is hygroscopic and has the property of taking away excess moisture, not allowing to dry or suffocate bread. In a birch bark box, bread will remain soft and fragrant for a long time. And it is simply pleasant to look at the archaic rural style of these products.

In the online store "BERYOSTA" you can buy genuine author's birch bark bread boxes from the masters of Tomsk and Asino - at the best price.